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Flare Finance XRP QFS Manual

Bretton describes what they are and what happened briefly in the AMA. Please see below for all links I have found about these projects. Flare Finance launched their first iteration of these protocols on Songbird Network, which is to be the canary network to the future Flare Network. Canary networks are opined as experimental playgrounds using real-world value to test out protocols in ways that a normal test net cannot. This is because test nets require no real-world value, so user behavior operates differently than when actual value is at play like on a canary network. FLR Mine is a yield mining and liquidity generation pool.

Flare Finance

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are digital currencies not backed by real assets or tangible securities. They are traded between consenting parties with no broker and tracked on digital ledgers. Flarefinance.ltd is registered following the laws of FINRABROKRAGE.

WELCOME TO flarefinance.ltd

My understanding is they at least worked on two projects together by the names of Muse Protocol and Bitcoin Air. Muse was to be a decentralized music and royalty service. While Bitcoin Air was supposed to be a fork of Bitcoin utilizing a stablecoin issuance methodology like that of LUNA/UST from the Terra project.

However, a minimum collateral ratio of 110% must be maintained to avoid liquidation. You are using an experimental product suite on a Songbird Canary network. We are not involved in the published airdrops in any way. Although we try to list only legit projects we can not be responsible for any issues or loss due to scam.

  • We hope this gives you an idea of some of the DeFi products you can use on Flare Finance.
  • I think the biggest issue with the FlareLoans platform is the fact that it bugged out when the stability pool ran out of CAND to liquidate loans with.
  • FlareLoans should not list any collateral assets until they have sufficient liquidity and lessened volatility which takes time.

Patty, please don’t let the trolls and scammers get you down. I think you and Mickey have done a wonderful job explaining how Flare Networks and Flare Finance work and how we can utilize them. Now all of this is easy to say for myself after watching everything unfold for months. I certainly didn’t realize every which way things could go wrong. Also, let’s say that the team took the path to launching on Songbird Network I laid out above.

In return, the artworks be on sale on the curator’s digital gallery or sale on the secondary market. However, the curated portions of the platform, as well What is Flare Finance as any features or marketing, will not include any of the art from the secondary market. We welcome you to our unique investment platform flarefinance.ltd!

Now think about how pissed people are at Flare Network for taking their time to get it right. This certainly would have been thrown at Flare Finance for waiting as well. We have a two-way street here between the builders and the community. I don’t even know how you can solve the issue with CAND unless SGB/EXFI has significant enough price appreciation to recapitalize it or if there is a capital injection of some kind.

Additionally, the lack of arbitrage routes to maintain the peg caused problems to pervade here more than they would for other protocols on other networks. Flare Finance will be the first robust decentralized finance ecosystem launching on the Flare Network. The team behind Flare Finance are currently anonymous, but have plans to reveal themselves at a time when necessary. Flare Finance has also made clear their dedication to Flare Network’s canary blockchain dubbed the Songbird Network. Now, for me, people throw accusations against me every single day online at this point.

They act as the ecosystem’s automated mining portfolio manager. It gives Bitcoin and Litecoin ASIC Miners a way to generate different non-PoW assets. This is done by employing a customized mining pool that has extra capabilities that allow for the quick conversion of mined currencies to certain reward currencies. It provides a spot and margin trading platform with swaps. Participants in the ecosystem can earn fees by becoming Decentralized On-Demand Liquidity Providers .

EXFI Price Today

Light FTSO pointed out in a thread linked below how the FlareLoans product was being used to move the price of SGB and then eventually EXFI. However, the main issue with the protocols I have faced is that I have not always received the appropriate amount of SGB from the FTSO delegation rewards each epoch. In some cases, the team was able to get me my appropriate allocation of rewards after informing them.

Flare Finance

Many projects have failed in this space just like startups do in the real world. From here, the user would purchase SGB with the borrowed CAND on the DEX at a cheaper price than a CEX. Certainly, it is bad that one of the Co-Founders has had serious legal troubles in the past especially when dealing with people’s money.

FLRX liquidity pool coins are required for usage in FLR Farm. They will also function as a Launchpad for any new projects wishing to launch and distribute their token within the ecosystem. Most DeFi projects launching feature one or a couple of the protocols that will be available on Flare Finance.


Several addresses matchup with the original allocations including the public sale which looks to have never been distributed. My understanding is that Bitcoin Air was a combined fork of Bitcoin and Peercoin. The tokens involved with the project were airdropped in a similar manner to other blockchain forks like Bitcoin Cash. I have not seen any evidence to this point that a sale of tokens occurred with Bitcoin Air. FlareMutual is a decentralized mutual fund that allows users to earn fees from sharing risk, taking on a similar function as an insurance company.

Flare Finance

Users are then rewarded in the form of LP tokens as a proportion of the amount of value you stake in the Liquidity Pool. To understand better how Liquidity Pools work, check out our article. The USD stablecoin on Flare Finance that will be used in most of the Liquidity Pools on FlareX, and that will also be available to trade on FlareX’s decentralized exchange. Flarefinance.ltd is the brand new online earning platform made for everyone, so even unexperienced investors are successfully making a profit.

Trending Coins

Alright now that the allegations and team history have been addressed, I will be diving into what has transpired with the actual protocol. This will include my opinions on all that has happened and outlook going forward. Founded in 2018, MEXC Global is known as the exchange of high performance and mega transaction matching technology. The team at MEXC Global are some of the first movers and pioneers of financial and blockchain technology. In the mean time, join us in one of our social networks below to stay up to date with the latest progress.

I can still see a path forward for the team, but it will require a lot of time and repairing of trust to do so. If you have problems with them, then just vote with your wallet and don’t https://cryptolisting.org/ allow your value to be used in any of their products. This is one of best parts about blockchain, which gives us the ability to make decisions and act within a moment’s notice.

Please see the exchange link below for the current trading price of CAND. FLR Loans is a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows users to take out interest-free loans with the usage of SGB/WSGB or EXFI as collateral. Borrowers are given a stable currency that is backed up by their collateral.

Checkout Flare Finance’s WhitePaper for more details on all of the above. FlareMine allows Bitcoin and Litecoin miners to use their mining rigs to earn non-POW assets, such as Celsius . It also gives the ability for miners to automatically convert their mined assets to F-Assets, effectively giving miners a way to earn passive FLR rewards. FlareLoans is an asset backed issuance product which allows you to pool your assets with others in order to earn fees from lending to borrows. Not only can you trade assets on FlareX, but it is here where you can participate in Liquidity Pools. The Liquidity Pools on FlareX will be a 50/50 split, meaning you must maintain an equal amount of value on both sides of the pool.

I have included some links below to help any people to find more information on the legal proceedings in question if they wish. Currently, the market price for EXFI/USDT is $0.3791 with a total supply of 110,000,000. The protocol aims to offer a more workable, transparent, approachable, and reasonably priced alternative for monetary protection inside the ecosystem. FLR Drops is an online marketplace and auction house for digital art. They are multi-chain, focused on curators and galleries. Users have the option of submitting their artwork to curators for review.

I will not put any significant amount of capital on Flare Finance in the future until trust is rebuilt and all the protocol level issues are fixed for a long enough period. Additionally, I will need to see all security audits, decentralized governance, and open-source code implemented. FlareLoans should not go live until there is another proven stablecoin either bridged or issued natively on the network. This means Bretton and Nikitas would be the only remaining founders on the team.

It has the highest amount of principal Governance token YieldFin , or the Songbird Finance counterpart . Holders of the tokens can participate in non-custodial yield farming and receive a share of the principal tokens. In most cases, FLR X and FLR Farm work hand in hand together.

Flare Finance utilizes Web3 capabilities to allow people to engage with our products and services trustlessly without giving up custody of their funds. The biggest issue with the project in my opinion is residing from the FlareLoans stablecoin issuance protocol. While this was necessary to have to launch any of the other products on Songbird, it has given users the most grief. FlareLoans is a fork of Liquity protocol on Ethereum, which has actually been successful since its launch in Spring 2021. However, Liquity launched during positive market conditions and in an extremely robust DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum.

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